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Will my strucco be damaged during installation?


We start by measuring each window opening individually and ordering a custom-made vinyl replacement to fit your exact window openings. Because of the customization, your new windows will fit any size opening, including non-standard sizes.

We carefully remove the old windows, leaving in place the existing frame. The new windows are popped in, leveled and secured. Insulation is sprayed into the space between the new window and the old frame. The finishing trim inside is completed.

You will be the only one who knows the opening was disturbed after the window is completely trimmed! Our crews will remove all work debris and thoroughly cleanup so that you can enjoy your new windows immediately.

Because the original frame is left in place, no stucco or any other outside covering is disturbed. The vinyl windows come with an exterior flange that conceals the existing frame.

See the steps involved during installation.

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