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Who manufactures your vinyl windows?

The windows are from Polybau Vinyl Windows and Doors, a manufacturer of high-quality custom window and door products, consistently meeting the highest standards in both perrformance and beauty. You can be sure that having Polybau windows in your home will decrease your electricity bills, and the windows will add value, beauty, security and comfortability to your home. They are guaranteed for life.

Polybau windows and doors have been endorsed by the NFRC and the AAMA, and they meet or exceed the standards of the federal EnergyStar program.

  • The National Fenestration Rating Council is a non-profit organization that adminsters the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energfy performance of windows, doors, skylights and attachment products. Their goal is to provide fair, accurate and reliable energy performance ratings so that architects, builders, code officials, contractors and homeowners may compare different products and make informed product choices. Polybau maintains one of the highest NFR ratings in the industry.

  • The American Architectural Manufacturers Association has provided manufacturers with the means to independently demonstrate product performance quality to their customers. The AAMA Certification Label on a product tells customersthat it has been verified as conforming to the standard's requirements through independent laboratory testing and follow-up on-site inspection of the manufacturer's product line.

  • Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping the public save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Polybay's windows meet or exceed all Energy Star standards.

Polybau operates a 100,000-square-foot factory in Northern California in Tracy. The company began in Austria in 1930 and is now one of the largest vinyl window manufacturers on the West Coast. Its products are sold world wide.

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