Home Painting Vinyl

Our goal is to exceed your painting expectations. Every customer joins our extensive list of satisfied clients. We take pride in our work and believe that you and all our customers deserve unsurpassed quality. No painting project is too big, too small or too difficult.

When you're ready to give your home an interior or exterior makeover, you can count on TLC for expert advice and top-quality workmanship at very competitive prices. Every project receives the highest attention to detail - from budget and planning to the final finish. We enjoy working with homeowners, transforming their house.

We discuss every step of the project and always stay within the homeowner's budget. We proudly use only the highest-quality paints and materials to make sure the final finish will look fresh and new for years to come.

If your needs are for commercial painting services, TLC provides a wide variety of painting for commercial premises, such as offices, shops and retail units. TLC has an established reputation as an expert general painting contractor among our commercial clients. We have worked to create interior and exterior custom paint finishes on time, within budget and with little or no disruption to daily business activities.

To provide complete protection for all of our customers we are licensed by the California State License Board. We carry general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance on all of our employees.

Here are examples of our interior painting.

At TLC we believe that preparation is the key to a good paint job.

  • Cement and stucco surfaces. We use a power washer to remove dirt, dust and loose paint. We neutralize mildew with a combination of outside bleach, TSP and detergent to leave an uncontaminated, clean surface for paint.
  • Wood surfaces. We start by removing any dirt or surface contaminants that will interfere with adhesion of subsequent coats. Then we wash and mildew treat, if necessary. Loose and peeling paint is wire brushed.
  • Metal surfaces. We use a wire brush, a hand sander or a power sander on all surfaces. Dirt, contaminants, oxidation or rust are removed. We prime all bare metal areas.
Here are exteriors we have painted.

No job is too hard or too remote.

Here are examples of our commercial painting.

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